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There are games on which registered users can earn points called Eeks (as in 'eco'), and then 'spend' them to buy clothes and equipment for their avatar – their alter ego on the site.The use of avatars keeps the personal information of players secure. What particularly captures the children's imagination is that they can follow expeditions via webcasts as they are happening.'When I went to the North Pole, the most aggressive estimates were that the ice cap would disappear by 2080,' de Rothschild says. We have to change our attitudes and we need kids to lead the way.'Certainly, the children de Rothschild visits have got the message, enthusiastically explaining why we should recycle, take public transport and not waste resources.The other group that has most readily embraced the concept is the generation that grew up in the war. Last summer, de Rothschild set up an organisation called Adventure Ecology to teach environmental awareness to children. 'The answer is you go very quickly, as fast as you can, and try to find something to hide behind.'We are not here to listen to tales of derring-do – however thrilling – merely for the sake of it.Log on to the website and you are immediately transported into a vibrant, visual world with which any child will be familiar.

'We are captivating, articulating, educating and reactivating,' he says.

The Arctic expedition – Mission 1 – was the first of the expeditions, high-profile journeys to environmentally challenged areas of the world.

The first art exhibition, Waste & the Natural World, opened yesterday at the Saatchi Gallery and showcases the work of four young artists who want to highlight concerns about the planet.

Conscious that I am walking through north London with a man who spent 100 days last year crossing the Arctic on foot, I stifle the urge to whinge. And he is very good looking, with kind blue-grey eyes, shoulder-length hair and the laidback surfer-dude clothes and demeanour favoured by metropolitan under-thirties, his conversation peppered with 'kind ofs', 'incredibles' and 'really cools'. He talks for an hour, describing how the Arctic was so cold that his eyelids stuck together; how difficult it is to cross the ice, which is not flat but a sea of mountainous frozen waves; the danger from polar bears. 'They look at you and you know they're seeing four steaks on legs and 16 cocktail sausages.' And he asks child-friendly questions: 'The Arctic is a freezer. 'Not using a plastic bag for everything they buy, jumping on public transport.

You would never guess that is he is also very rich, the 28-year-old scion of the famous banking family – the son of Evelyn, cousin of Jacob – and, so it is rumoured, set to inherit a share of £300 million. There are simple things you can do like buying an eco-kettle or having a quick shower, but then it gets complicated.You could argue that those old machines are not so energy-efficient, but she won't buy a new one until the old one is beyond repair.