Diamond chris mob lil scrappy dating

11-Aug-2020 13:36

I’m told by an insider in production that Diamond took a break in filming the other day and decided to head to the nearest bathroom to pray.

She came out a while later and told the staff that she quit, stating only that she’d ‘spoken to God’ and he told her that it was best to do so.

Lil Scrappy is from Atl too and he's a real Gangster Disciple...other than that other Gd rappers from the south are...... Diamond and Lil Scrappy aren't even together anymore.He's been dating the singer Brooke Valentine, for those who may have forgotten she's the one who made the smash hit "Girlfight" On the Southeast(Zone 3) side of Atlanta Georgia.SIDE NOTES: Lil Scrappy is a member of the Gangster Disciples which is a gang apart of the Folk Nation.

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*He is no longer in a relationship with his female rapper named Diamond.They kiss on the mouth and birdman buys lil wayne very expensive cars and diamond rings, bracelets, and watches. So, Lil Wayne is actually Wayne Lil and so forth with "Lil John," "Lil Kim," "Lil Scrappy," etc.