Drupal activity stream not updating is michael copon dating anyone

28-Sep-2020 13:34

I then ran CRON and after that it did show up in the activity stream.Yes I just figured out that the newly added topics (or events) need a cron to show up in the Group Stream.Therefore, the main problems faced by social network developers are: Both these tasks are mainly done in what we call our 'Activity Factory', you can see in the picture below.It receives entities of different types and convert all of them to Activity entities, which are displayed on different channels.To accomplish that it uses an HTML Web Worker thread (see: which sends a ping like signal via AJAX every few seconds to update the activity stream.If no ping comes in for a defined period of time the user probably closed the browser.

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The task of forming a stream actually means delivering content from the author to other interested users.

The Message does not contain recipients (list of users), who need to receive this notification neither the final output that is displayed from the tokenized output.

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