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17-Jul-2020 12:05

And the game is long so it will wear the infant out.

11-month-old infants have the limited attention span of pea-brained goldfish, so they won’t even care to watch a sports game for 10 min.

And you can proactively guarantee that an INFANT (who is less than 1 year old, btw) won’t scream and bawl at an event, R48? He won’t remember or even COMPREHEND that his parent is “competing”.

You cannot control how an infant might behave - they can’t talk yet, so they communicate by screaming and bawling whenever they need anything or feel like it. No one wants to listen to your crotchfruit bawling.[quote] And the baby has every right to be there as his father was competing? In fact, kids so young (if they’re, for example, given away) won’t even remember their own parents!

J/K but seriously, being a child athlete is not usually good for social development - Tom probably would not have latched onto to the first man who showed him attention if he had whored around for a few years like most gay boys...

R68 Tom has doubled down in recent years on it though.

I was at the diving event and the baby was literally sitting in his lap, and playing by his feet the whole time.

R43 Based on what's been said and how the British Swimming co is acting, I don't think it was like that, I think he was reacting to being kicked out after YEARS of mistreatment. Does he throw similar hissy fits when he’s not allowed to bring a buggy inside a British Opera theatre? And the baby has every right to be there as his father was competing?

He grew up in a Mormon household and attended film school at UCLA.

These hipsters think it’s ‘hip & authentic’ to drag their under-developed infants everywhere. I am American, grew up in the Midwest, and am well familiar with the term "baby buggy," but it's hardly some big outrage that the OP chose to define it. He easily could have just left the stroller outside the pool area and carried the baby in.

Except they don’t get that poor families only do that because they have no other choice (no financial alternative). Maybe the British Swimming people weren't entirely honest with/about him, but a "no strollers by the pool" rule hardly creates a TOXIC environment for families. We only seem to hear about him when he's bitching in public (when the university took away his award, when Sam Smith won the Oscar, now this). Edgar (critical stinker), When We Rise (bomb), and Virginia (box office bomb and critical stinker).

In March 2018, they revealed they were expecting a baby boy via surrogacy. Director Gus Van Sant took on his screenplay for the 2008 film Milk.

Wait, but this whole ordeal isn't even about a buggy/pram/stroller- that's just what British Swimming is trying to play it off as because they're in hot water now that fans are pissed.

They’ll just start playing with toys (the only thing they care about) - which they just as well could have done at home.