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20-Dec-2019 07:24

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Thankfully, in London there are some gems tucked away with food on offer that can even have committed carnivores wondering why they were bothering with meat in the first place.

So if you’ve got a vegetarian date coming up, don’t panic, just […] All too often veggies are just an afterthought when it comes to eating out.

Even bars advertising 2 for 1 cocktails at happy hour seem to be mocking our singledom!

According to a recent survey by The Grocer magazine, 8% of the UK population is now vegetarian, with a further 4% disdaining meat but eating fish.

Take some time out and use the argument as a way to find out more about your partner, rather than as a reason to head for the door. Beautiful people are everywhere – whether they’re in a Hollywood film or Tescos – and it would be a saint who didn’t notice.

Your partner may even flirt a little with the opposite sex, subconsciously (we’re not talking outrageous, in-your-face flirting here, that’s a whole other article), but it’s about knowing how to handle that, rather than going off the deep end about it.

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As long as you have some common ground, living in each pockets is not necessary. You’ve had a bust up Arguing can be good for you – it may not feel like it at the time, especially if hurtful things come out, but it can often be a reason for you to stay with your partner.

[…] It’s the new year and with that the ‘New Year new me’ mantras are chanted all over the world! And although you may cringe ever so slightly at the prospect of re-inventing yourself to kick 2015 off in style, it’s completely possible and sometimes necessary.

Online dating is a massive step […] Society often dictates that we need to be one of two, a pair, coupled before we die alone surrounded by 54 cats and empty tubs of ice cream.

In many Arabian cities a souk is at the very epicentre of their brilliance, usually the hub of trade and activity for the whole community.

Bristol’s Souk Kitchen aims to recreate this exciting and bustling experience Some great dates start before you’ve even reached your final destination.

Any couple who say they don’t argue are lying, they may not have huge, shouty bust-ups, but they definitely argue on some level.