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So before you leave for your date, do your power pose in front of the mirror and give yourself a little wink. If you smile and play with your hair or lean in toward your date, you’re communicating interest.Likewise, if you touch him gently on the arm or back, or angle your body towards his, you’re also indicating attraction. I’ve already told you the importance of not taking your first date too seriously. Psychologists have found that when you smile on a first date — a genuine smile, not a pasted-on one — that can set positive expectations for the rest of the date.You can be sure that not many frowners get asked out on a second date!Smiling communicates that you’re happy, and if he senses that, he’ll be more eager to keep making you smile.Most places have a wide range of dress styles, from dressy casual to more formal. Better to show up in a dress and heels than torn jeans and flip flops!Keep your outfit simple and streamlined, and avoid loud patterns that might distract attention away from what you’re saying on your date.And in fact, if you’re not sure what you want out of romance right now, recreational dating is a great way to figure it out. Having a guy friend is great for single ladies because he can help you decipher dudes’ behavior, tell you what they’re really thinking, and warn you away from guys who will break your heart.

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If you get a game plan for how you’ll behave on a first date, you’ll find no problem being charming and delightful. You may talk 90 miles an hour, which is telling the fact that you’re nervous, but if you can at least communicate through body language that you’re open and interested in this guy, you’ll get asked out again. Lillian Glass is a body language expert, and she says there are subtle clues you can provide to let your date know that you’re into him.

My first date advice is to research within set parameters that you obviously have access to.

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