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15-Feb-2020 21:55

Supervisor-employee relationships can potentially be ethical quagmires. The concept of respondeat superior, based on the idea of vicarious liability, holds that a supervisor is responsible for a supervisee’s behavior.Supervisors must be cognizant not only of their employees’ ethical decisions but also of their own ethical behavior. We like to think of graduate-level people as professionals, but we all know colleagues or supervisees who may make us think twice about this concept.One of the supervisor’s tasks is to provide professional socialization, to not only cultivate skills but also instill professional conscience.Certainly, modeling professional behavior is one way of teaching it.Generally, values relate more to what we believe; ethics relate more to how we act.In a therapeutic relationship, ethical concerns can be viewed as an integral part of the helping relationship and can facilitate the therapeutic process.

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She dumps administrative duties on me that she should be performing.If I do them, it’s credit in the bank for me to get favors from her.I don’t like the game, but it does have benefits.” • “I used to be best friends with a person I now supervise. I don’t see why, as long as it is after work hours.” • “I’m a supervisor of a domestic violence agency with a shelter program.In an educational sense, that perception is partially true.

Supervisors should challenge, confront, and encourage critical thinking.Maintaining professional ethics in the supervisory process can pose unique challenges.

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