Female dating psychology

11-Apr-2020 00:22

As you’re allegedly not attracted to them, let’s continue talking about feminine women who rely more on their communication areas.

I’ve left them out because they’re not relevant to this discussion but if you want to understand them more, you can learn about the different pathways to certainty in Endgame.

So how do you think these things, this power, money, or fame, make women feel? How do you think a woman feels when she’s around a guy with power? She’d feel looked after–safe and secure.” “Good, now how about a guy with money? The hormone that drives a baby’s development in the womb up to the week eight mark is oestrogen.

” “Well, if he’s got power I guess she’d feel safe like everything would be okay. This is the key female hormone and is a growth promoting hormone.

NOTE: I’m going to focus on feminine women here because I’m making a basic assumption that you’re attracted to feminine women.

If you’re looking for a Masculine woman to take care of you, then just flip this all around and use it to understand yourself more than her.

Are you more attracted to career-driven women who’re really aggressive, really into football, like to get in fist fights, drink beer, and ride in bikie gangs, or are you into pretty, giggly, delicate, feminine women?

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