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09-Apr-2020 05:29

Nutrition content claims make statements about certain nutrients or substances in a food, for example ‘high in calcium.’ For a manufacturer to make various claims, their products must meet various guidelines including: The ingredient list will specify the contents of a product.

However, if you are trying to avoid fat, sugar or salt, they may be added in many forms and scattered all over the ingredients list.

Other nutrients such as fibre, potassium, calcium and iron may be listed if a claim is made on the label.

The nutrients are displayed in a standard format, providing amount per serve and per 100 g (or 100 ml if liquid).

‘Product of Australia’ means that most ingredients must come from Australia and the majority of the processing should happen here too.

A ‘Made in Australia’ statement may only mean that the food was ‘substantially transformed’ here and that a certain proportion of the production costs were incurred here.

This does not apply to any additive or allergen – these must be listed no matter how small the amount.

It may still be safe to eat certain foods after the ‘best before’ date, but they may have lost quality and some nutritional value.

By contrast, foods that should not be consumed after a certain date for health and safety reasons must have a ‘use-by’ date and cannot be sold after that date.

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