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Wines—Art—Partial Recovery—Failure at Cotton Picking—What may be heard on Epps' Plantation —Lashes Graduated—Epps in a Whipping Mood— Epps in a Dancing Mood—Description of the Dance—Loss of Rest no Excuse—Epps' Characteristics—Jim Burns—Removal from Huff Power to Bayou Boeuf—Description of Uncle Abram; of Wiley; of Aunt Phebe; of Bob, Henry, and Edward; of Patsey; with a Genealogical Account of each—Something of their Past History, and Peculiar Characteristics —Jealousy and Lust—Patsey, the Victim, . The latter is still living in the county of Oswego, near the city of that name; my mother died during the period of my captivity. He left a widow and two children —myself, and Joseph, an elder brother. Burch—Williams' Slave Pen in Washington—The Lackey, Radburn—Assert my Freedom—The Anger of the Trader—The Paddle and Cat-o'-nine- tails—The Whipping—New Acquaintances—Ray, Williams, and Randall—Arrival of Little Emily and her Mother in the Pen—Maternal Sorrows—The Story of Eliza, . From the time of my marriage to this day the love I have borne my wife has been sincere and unabated; and only those who have felt the glowing tenderness a father cherishes for his offspring, can appreciate my affection for the beloved children which have since been born to us. Deprived of the advice and assistance of my father, with a wife dependent upon me for support, I resolved to enter upon a life of industry; and notwithstanding the obstacle of color, and the consciousness of my lowly state, indulged in pleasant dreams of a good time coming, when the possession of some humble habitation, with a few surrounding Page 22 acres, should reward my labors, and bring me the means of happiness and comfort. Return Tibeats—Impossibility of pleasing him—He attacks me with a Hatchet—The Struggle over the Broad Axe —The Temptation to Murder him—Escape across the Plantation —Observations from the Fence—Tibeats approaches, followed by the Hounds—They take my Track—Their loud Yells—They almost overtake me—I reach the Water— The Hounds confused—Moccasin Snakes—Alligators—Night in the "Great Pacoudrie. The Mistress' Garden—The Crimson and Golden Fruit—Orange and Pomegranate Trees—Return to Bayou Boeuf— Master Ford's Remarks on the way—The Meeting with Tibeats —His Account of the Chase—Ford censures his Brutality —Arrival At the Plantation—Astonishment of the Slaves on seeing me—The anticipated Flogging—Kentucky John Mr. He was accustomed to speak to us of his Page 20 early life; and although at all times cherishing the warmest emotions of kindness, and even of affection towards the family, in whose house he had been a bondsman, he nevertheless comprehended the system of Slavery, and dwelt with sorrow on the degradation of his race.

Destruction of the Cotton Crop in 1845—Demand for Laborers in St. How long he remained in the latter place I have not the means of definitely ascertaining.

The electronic edition is a part of the UNC-CH digitization project, Documenting the American South. It was also occupied by Burgoyne in 1777, being situated near the old Fort on the left bank of the Hudson.

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