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29-Oct-2019 10:14

Your cursor will blink in the very bottom area waiting for your input.Once you finish typing, simply hit the enter key and your message will be placed among others in the chat room.You can either do this by right mouse clicking on their nickname and selecting "chat" or by selecting the "DCC" menu, choosing "Chat..." and then typing their nickname in the resulting dialogue box.Return to top Emoticons are cute, friendly, feel-good characters intended to convey a feeling or facial expression.As time passes the large window below fills up with text entries.

Their messages will appear in the large white area to the left.If you see an "&" instead of a # before a channel name it means the channel is not shared by all IRC servers on the Net but only locally on that particular server.Using the above method of IRC, if you want to chat to a friend, you will have to prearrange a time, chat server and chat channel to go to...For instance the two symbols "colon" followed by "right bracket" express happiness because together they look like a pair of eyes and a smiley mouth :) Some IRC programs such as Messenger will actually convert your emoticon into a small cartoon when you send your message.

There is a small and grumpy section of the on-line community who find them irritating - they feel you should be able to convey your feelings in words, without resorting to symbols. Other linguists argue that it is a major leap forward in language and communication - to be able to communicate feelings without using words.

") Channels are run by channel operators, or "chanops" or "ops" for short.