Gibson banjo serial number dating

12-Oct-2020 00:31

This is an example of Recording King taking something they do really well, and making it better.This banjo takes everything we love about the RK-R36, and brings in more features and attention to detail which more than justifies the extra...Musicians, collectors, guitar dealers, luthiers and historians who own and appreciate Epiphone instruments are invited to contribute info to the NY Epi Reg research project. At this stage, the NY Epiphone Registry focuses on acoustic and electric guitars (including Hawaiian), mandolin family instruments, and amplifiers from the late 1920s to the mid 1950s – bearing an – models that appear to bear standard Epiphone serial numbers.Every new info about an instrument that you submit to the Registry database will add to the quality and accuracy of this research – and improve the knowledge shared with you on this website. Not covered at this point are Epiphone banjos and basses which both appear to have their own serial number systems.Note: Theoretically, such SN gaps may include a small batch of a third model.Note: These extrapolated totals in the right column of Fig.(SN stamped on headstock.) During WW2 electric instrument production was halted. Some electric models from 1949 and all Hawaiian guitars from 1950 onwards use "special" SN systems. a run or batch of a model was assigned SNs of a consecutive number range.(SN stamped on headstock or bridge unit.) Details see chapter 6. Epiphone acoustic instruments: Dating of serial numbers – revised SN/year charts My research has led to a slightly revised dating approach for Epiphone SNs. The subsequent SN range was then assigned to the next following production run of a different model, and so on.

tentatively identified (with high probability) to also be examples of that same model.Extrapolation algorithms tentatively attribute undocumented SN/model pairs in gaps between two (assumed) adjacent model batches – see example in Fig. 4: Extrapolation of SN/model pairs between two assumed model batches (example): The 6 undocumented SNs 55236–55241 are likely to include models of the previous batch (=Triumph) and/or subsequent batch (=Blackstone), although their relative distribution is not known.Our applied extrapolation algorithm equally assigns 50% of the missing SNs to the previous model and 50% to the subsequent model – in this example 3 Triumphs and 3 Blackstones.Applying this interpolation method to my registry data leads to some remarkable results: While my documented SN/model pairs (SN systems A B) currently represent about 9% of the estimated total instrument production, the addition of interpolated SN/model pairs boosts this ratio to 54% (see Fig. According to our theory, the figures presented in column "Registry interpolated" can be seen as "minimum" production estimates for the respective models, i.e. I consider these "minimum" estimates as pretty reliable, although they are not to be mistaken as total production estimates.

However, the data also allows for calculating rough estimates of total production numbers for each model and period – by employing approximation (extrapolation) methods.

(Note: recommended research resources on Epiphone banjos and Epiphone upright basses.) Generally not included in this project are any Epiphone instruments built after the 1957 take-over by CMI/Gibson – instruments made in Kalamazoo MI, typically stated on their internal label.

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