Gilmore girls adult stories

10-Jun-2020 19:24

This can be seen in the first six seasons, with the seventh, after creator Amy Sherman-Palladino left the show, allowing all the characters to be more defined by their trappings than their inner compass.

To see if you agree with me, I invite you to stop reading this now, and watch through the first six seasons on Netflix, looking specifically at which Rory’s boyfriends is always willing to be there for her but never trying to force her into something she doesn’t actually want for herself. Then come back here, and finish reading this article, and you can let me know if you disagree with me.

Based on this, Team Dean people are often Team Dean “the early years”; Team Jess people are quick to point out how Jess turned his life around, and Team Logan people are drawn to the grand romantic gestures Logan can afford that the other two cannot.

Yet, when I watch and re-watch the show, it strikes me that these trappings are just that, trappings, there to give Rory what she needs to explore her world.

I have to admit, I have an opinion on the matter, one that differs from most people’s thoughts and it centers around one thing: consent.

My choice is often not a popular one, which is fine by me.

But it got me thinking: why do I feel so strongly against the popular views, when I understand why the popular views are as they are.

Even when other people agree with me, it is for different reasons.

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To fix things between them, Rory steps into the role of Donna Reed for one day. Dean loved Rory and recognized that to have her would mean treating her well.

No one else was around at the time, and I never got in trouble for it, so I am guessing he never told anyone.

Regardless, to me, consent matters, and it seems like consent should matter to everyone. As I said before, each of Rory’s boyfriends was amazingly consistent through the first six seasons in their attitudes towards her, yet with each, I can point out two cases which both perfectly show how each loved Rory in his unique way. When she doesn’t immediately tell him she loves him, he breaks up with her.

Why does consent matter so much to me, even when I was otherwise caught up in the trappings?

I was in fifth grade when I kicked a boy in the balls when he would not leave me alone.

He is the nice guy most middle American families try for.

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