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The detailed technology builds on work detailed in previous U. The output peripherals 22 can include a display screen, speaker, etc.

The foregoing and other features and advantages of the present technology will be more readily apparent from the following detailed description, which proceeds with reference to the accompanying drawings.

More granular software choices can similarly be made, such as the selection of particular rendering codecs to be used by media players (e.g., Windows Media Player).

It is not just stand-alone apps that can be treated in this fashion.

Yet other technologies concern use of linked data in portable devices—some of which exploit GPU capabilities. 4, 2011 (published as WO2012061760), which claims priority to the following provisional applications: 61/467,862, filed Mar. The present specification details a diversity of technologies, assembled over an extended period of time, to serve a variety of different objectives. The memory may comprise flash memory, a hard drive, etc.

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Embodiments of the present technology serve this interest—providing artists a continuing role in how their art is presented, enabling them to prescribe the preferred mechanisms by which their works are to be experienced.

Over time, each user device becomes app-adapted to the content preferences of the user—thereby becoming optimized to the user's particular interests in the content world.

The user doesn't select the software; the user's activity selects the software.

In contrast, the Food Network may prefer that its content be rendered with a codec optimized for truest color fidelity.

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For example, the National Hockey League may prefer that its content be rendered with a codec designed for maximum frame rate.

The only piece missing here is a Google Latitude API – that means you can’t update your current location on Google Maps from external apps like Twitter or Facebook.