Goting dating profiles

09-Nov-2019 10:51

The president of the post office, @PERSON2 said ""@CAPS3 would be imposible to get mail to our coustmers @CAPS2 @CAPS3 were not for computers telling us where a zip code is or how heavy a box is."" @CAPS4 that tell people what is happening around the world would not exist @CAPS2 @CAPS3 were not for the moder communication abilities that computer provid us. When the same survey was taken in the @LOCATION1 @PERCENT5 of people used computers fore reasons and @PERCENT2 were students who had good grade @CAPS2 @CAPS3 were not posible for me to access documents in the @CAPS5 @CAPS6 online I probably would not have gotten an A on my @CAPS7 assignment!

Could you amagine @CAPS2 suddenly your Newspaper reporters couldn't use the internet to work on their reports?

@PERCENT1 of students who get good grades refer to reliable websites for reasearch or to help find good books.

Also online catalouges or advertisments help the economy of stores worldwide.

1 1 Dear local newspaper, I think effects computers have on people are great learning skills/affects because they give us time to chat with friends/new people, helps us learn about the globe(astronomy) and keeps us out of troble! Do you ever time to chat with your friends or buisness partner about things.

How would you feel if your teenager is always on the phone with friends!

Small @ORGANIZATION1 can make websites to promote them selves and explain their star to potential coustomers.

Most buissness, including the Newspaper, use the internet to advertise, shop, or read.

Jay Z blasted wannabe cop Zimmerman for racially profiling the unarmed Miami teenager.

"Professionals are taught not to profile," he said.

Rather than your child on the computer learning, chatting or just playing games, safe and sound in your home or community place.

Now I hope you have reached a point to understand and agree with me, because computers can have great effects on you or child because it gives us time to chat with friends/new people, helps us learn about the globe and believe or not keeps us out of troble. 4 4 8 4 1 "Dear Local Newspaper, @CAPS1 I have found that many experts say that computers do not benifit our society.

If your child is home on your computer or at a local library, it's better than being out with friends being fresh, or being perpressured to doing something they know isnt right.

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