Government mandating healthcare

06-May-2020 04:44

Initial hospitalization and emergency treatment account for only 67 % of total medical costs in motorcycle accident victims [9].

Additional medical charges include hospital readmissions, professional fees, ambulatory care services, rehabilitation, and long-term nursing home care.

By maintaining the private insurance system and by refusing to implement a public option, the designers of the law had little choice but to require all Americans to buy insurance.

We’ve been forced to decide which principle is more important: basic civil liberties and freedom from government telling you what to buy or providing health care to tens of millions.

More on that further down.) Politicians on both sides are complaining about many of the other provisions too. For instance, you’re required to educate your child, but the government provides a system of free, public schools.

Republicans don’t like the Medicaid expansion to cover more poor families. “Nowhere in our lives does the government mandate that — no matter what — we must buy a product from the private sector.” That may be about to change, depending on how the Supreme Court rules.

Others see government overreach—an unprecedented intrusion on individual liberties that can’t be justified no matter how many more people gain health insurance as a result. But if the court does strike down the mandate, we also may lose the most popular provisions in the law such as the ban on denying coverage due to pre-existing conditions and allowing dependents to remain on their parents’ plans up to age 26.

If the mandate is struck down, then perhaps insurance companies will again deny coverage because of pre-existing conditions. Unfortunately, we’ve been forced into this choice by the bill that Congress and the White House designed.

In a single year, the economic cost of motorcycle-related crashes total over .8 billion nationwide (inflation adjusted to current year) [12].