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Emily Irene Van Camp (born May 12, 1986) is a Canadian actress, known for her lead roles on the WB series Everwood (2002), the ABC dramas Vennad ja õed (2006) and Kättemaks (2011), and as Sharon Carter / Agent 13 in Kapten Ameerika: Talvesõdalane (2014) and Kapten Ameerika: Kodusõda (2016).

While working on the show, she found the time to star in the independent dramedy Norman in mid-2008, which earned her awards from the San Diego Film Festival and the Breckenridge Festival of Film, her only wins to date.

Colin, near the beginning of this episode, gets out of the lake and shakes his wet hair onto Amy and stretches. In the last scene of the same episode depicting the same day, he is lying on his back with his arm over his head and has no underarm hair at all.

When world-renowned brain surgeon Dr Andrew Brown's wife dies, he leaves Manhattan and his prosperous medical practice, taking his two kids, Delia and Ephram, to live in the idyllic small town of Everwood, Colorado. Cardone was nominated for a Young Artist Award for Best Supporting Young Actress in a TV series for her work on the show.

Brian Holderman, Amy leans on Ephram for support as she awaits the outcome.

Meanwhile, an emotional Bright breaks down and admits what actually happened the day of the car accident.The reunion commemorated the 15th anniversary of the show’s premiere in September 2002.

A radiocarbon measurement is termed a conventional radiocarbon age (CRA).… continue reading »

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