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02-Nov-2019 12:51

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Consider this document: Now, whenever you first render the page, Rad List Box1 will have 10 items "List Item1" through "List Item10" When you type into Text Box1, the contents of Rad List Box1 will filter according to what was entered.For example, if you enter "1" then the only items that will be visible are "List Item1" and "List Item10".I am quite new to the ajax world, so if this is a rookie question, please be patient with me. I have a situation where I don't want to perform a postback until the user confirms that it is OK to perform a certain action.However, on postback, if the data that is sent isn't valid, the function should alert the user to one of several potential problems with the data, but if the data is valid, go ahead and update certain selected controls on the form.Now set “Update Mode” property of Update-Panel to “Conditional“.And set Timer as Trigger Control for Update-Panel and select “Tick” as event-name Now, in the page_load(), Bind data to gridview.However, when i manually refresh my page, then it does.How to make it such a way that it refreshes by it's own whenever I insert,delete or update anything from my datasource.

Matt Well of course it won't work as expected if I disable ajax. updating client side controls from server side code without having to update the entire page?Hi Keith, I tried to reproduce the described issue but to no avail.I am sending you a simple example based on your code.Please check it out and let me know what differs in your case.

whenever i delete, insert or update my datasource, gridview does not refresh.

This event handler changes the visibility of the items in the radlistbox to filter the contents according to the value in the textbox by setting the css display property to none.

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