Harland williams dating

28-Oct-2020 14:03

have died eight years ago and I would have been happy. I've done so much I can't even believe it." – Harland Williams Harland Williams: How are you, buddy?

And they actually say things like, "I love you, dude." You just go wow, what an honour to, just by existing, bring that to people. Every now and then you get someone that's a little too overzealous or aggressive or rude, but outside of those moments it's really nice. "I always saw standup comedy like art, you know, where you look at Da Vinci or Van Gogh or Dali or whoever. And I always thought I don't want to watch other comics and be influenced. Even though I could, I don't want to comment on George Bush or the prime minister. I want people to see something that maybe they won't see everyday or hear something they won't hear everyday. Not anyone, but I think I could go through the headlines and twist them around and make them funny but it's like, okay, you're talking about a referendum or you're talking about child welfare and I'd rather hear about a guy who puts mushrooms on his dog and teaches him how to make an omelette, or something, you know? It's kind of a stupid way to write but that's how I like to do it. I don't recommend it for the faint of heart but for me it does the job. I always saw standup comedy like art, you know, where you look at Da Vinci or Van Gogh or Dali or whoever. And I always thought I don't want to watch other comics and be influenced. So although there are comics I enjoy, I don't think I have any influences. And in terms of my material, I'm always updating material. I still do the thing where I love to talk to the crowd.

I'm working at Dream Works animation so I have a little office over there now and I go over and work on my film. I went in an pitched [Dream Works co-founder Jeffrey] Katzenberg an idea for a feature and he loved it and bought it. They basically bring me artists and then I just work with the artists. I do feel very lucky that I've really been able to tap into all the mediums that I had my eye on, which is all of them. So we're in the early stages of development, designing characters and things like that.

HW: I'm helping to design the characters but what's great about Dream Works is they have such a huge team in place. HW: It's set for 2010 because obviously with a CGI movie, these movies are a 3-4-year process. He did that movie, The Wild, which came out earlier this year.

They're not just roles that kinda went by the wayside. I mean, I've done nights where the whole show is just riffing with the crowd. The only weird thing is I don't know where I'm escaping to (laughs). And I'll go away and these top-notch artists will do drawings.

It's a good way because I've had the luxury of doing really kind of funny roles and somehow I've managed to get into a lot of roles that have kind of stayed in people's minds. Sometimes you'll get a real great energy from the crowd and I'll riff like 50 percent of it, sometimes more. And then I come home and I continue to dig the escape tunnel under my house. Then they wanted me to come on as the writer and the director as well. I'll do rough sketches and say this is the direction I want to go and this is the look and the feel. So the best thing about this is I've literally been in situations where I'll be walking up the street or going through an airport and you'll see someone with the look of suicide on their face. And they look up and they see you and they just light up and they smile. But I'd say normally at least 20 to 30 percent of my show is wailing with the crowd. And being under that pressure makes me write on the spot. HW: I tried not to have influences because I didn't want any traces of other comics in what I did. Move All Around The Stage and then my energy's moved from my whole body, then it's just my face I'm using. For the first time in my whole career I have an office now over at Dream Works.

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