Herpes dating stories

09-Jun-2020 14:46

I knew something wasn’t right but I felt I couldn’t tell my parents so the next day I went back to Bristol.

That day I felt a lot worse and I developed what looked like mouth ulcers on the skin around my vagina. I did the thing doctors tell you not to do and Googled my symptoms and from that was pretty sure I had herpes. I explained my symptoms to the male doctor and he examined me.

I’m careful with my sexual health, use condoms and have occasional STI tests. I only told a few close friends at the time about it.

I can remember some of them were quite shocked about it which I found a bit strange.

I remember they then listed all the others STIs I had been tested for – HIV was negative, syphilis negative etc etc.

I remember feeling relieved that I just had herpes rather than another STI as it didn’t have any long term health impacts.

I was in a lot of pain and they made me feel at ease.

It made me feel normal and that I was just unlucky to get symptoms. I was quite upset by the diagnosis and worried about telling my boyfriend. He was just upset that I was in pain and felt bad that maybe he might have contributed to it.

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