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18-Dec-2019 00:04

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Yung: My clients are usually professionals: bankers, lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs or executives.

I would say the quality of the people in my agency is quite high. People who have no time to get a drink, people who live generally further from bars or restaurants, or people whose social circles are less defined.

This includes age, education level, religion, ethnicity, smoking and drinking habits, height and build. We meet every one of our clients for face-to-face consultations and this matchmaker’s assessment is very important, because sometimes how clients perceive themselves may be different from how others perceive them.

And personality preferences would include characteristics such as introverted vs. We also take the time to find out about our clients’ past relationships, passions, values and what is most important to them. Lim: We are there for our clients every step of the way, from meeting them first to learning more about their profile and preferences, handpicking their matches, arranging the date, booking the date venue, reminding our clients before the date, and contacting them at the end of every date to get their feedback.

And for women, confidence ranks the highest in their standard.

Are there more available women that seek to find a partner or more available men?

Lim: We recently polled 2,000 singles in Asia and asked them about their dating habits.

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Is there a stigma against going to a matchmaker or to speed-dating events to find a partner?

But when they age, they tend to focus and consider the thoughts of women and whether they are able to communicate well.

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