Initially intimidating

22-Oct-2019 11:54

Upon arrival to Syracuse, you'll be treated to dinner with some current residents in our program.In this casual, relaxed atmosphere, applicants are encouraged to ask questions and get to know the team.When I read somewhere that meditation was the only process that actually helped your brain regenerate grey matter, I was determined to replace all those brain cells I had lost over the years.I’m still not sure if that’s actually a fact, but it certainly motivated me to get started.For me, meditation is like stretching for my brain.There have been many times where I’ve been trying to meditate for 10 or 12 minutes, out of which I might only have managed to actually quieten my mind for the best part of .The Upstate interview day and overall interview experience was a nice break from the daily stress of being a medical student and the tension of the residency interview process.The superb organization of the itinerary and the friendliness of the residents and faculty members allowed for a very relaxing experience.

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By using the breath as a focal point, one is able to bring the focus back to the internal body, feeling the breath move through it and finally be released. Initially, you’ll experience a barrage of thoughts trying to find space in your mind.For me, meditation serves as a point of both connection and disconnection.