Intimidating eye contact Sexlivewebcom

01-Nov-2019 12:42

at least for me personally, it’s something I’ve always had (from the day I was born, according to the stories).However, in the interest of giving it a good crack – because it’s an awesome power if you can attain it – I’d like to try.Much of this lack of confidence has to do with our perceived need for safety.Most of us have been programmed since birth that strangers are dangerous and not to be trusted, but due to the nature of society we often find ourselves in social situations involving new people where we are expected to override these firmly engrained beliefs.One of the most powerful means of communicating with others nonverbally is by calling up your most piercing, incisive eye contact.

That same high school English teacher of mine described this as something you either have, or you don’t...We feel the truth in this statement whenever we look into the eyes of another and emotionally connect to their passions, intentions, loves and fears.

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