Is being intimidating a good thing Cam frre

04-Apr-2020 00:36

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I was just searching some stuff in the Ask Gender related subreddits in relation to men that find women intimidating, because i have been told i come off as intimidating.

There were a range of answers but a few times i saw people implying that if a guy thinks you're "intimidating", then it means he is not attracted to you. EDIT: if it makes any difference i'm 17 years old and the people that have told me i'm intimidating are generally around my age EDIT 2: also, if you thought a girl was intimidating or unapproachable or whatever, and then she approached YOU instead: would you, 1) find her unattractive BECAUSE she's intimidating2)if you DID find her unattractive, would HER approaching YOU change your opinion that she is unattractive When I say I find a girl intimidating, I think I actually mean that she's unapproachable or unobtainable. A high school kid thinks the hottest girl in school is intimidating, because he doesn't think he's as attractive as her, and he'd never have a chance with her.

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It seemed kinds strange to me since I always considered myself kind of a nerd.

Anyway what do you guys think about being intimidating?

That being said when people tell girls that they are intimidating it is usually because they have taken on more male social attributes or that they are quite simply bitches.1Unattractive women claim men find them intimidating in order to shift the problem on to them, "he can't handle me because he isn't a strong, real man! ", when the reality is that nope, I'm not intimidated, I just think you are unattractive.I don't My girlfriends smashing looks and ice queen demeanour intimidated me before we got together.What exactly does that mean to you and has anyone called you intimidating before? I'm 5'10, relatively androgynous, and I have quite possibly the strongest resting bitchface ever. People leave me tf alone in public (huge plus for it tbh), but it also means that confrontations happen a little easier (people read me as intimidating and get their hackles up right off the bat.) I dunno man, it just is what it is, the same way some people are "cute" (especially short people). You won't get another chance." -Kiryu Kazuma I don't think anyone's outright called me intimidating before. Though girls I find cute are really intimidating, so it's nothing really about size purely.

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I also tend towards deadpan humour, and things I say often come across more severe-sounding than I intended them. Idk I'm 6'3, pretty lanky at best and have bags under my eyes (due to problems I can't really explain). Robot "I can take another name, and build a new life.. There are many other things that people can find intimidating, the way you act and generally how someone feels about you are some examples. Anyway, I think being intimidating differs from person to person and how they emit their own aura.

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