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He married Colette Butler in 2003 and the couple had five children: Emmi, Gavin, Avia, Brock, and Daxton.

He and Jackson Rathbone were both nominees at the 3rd Streamy Awards.

I'm so nervous about their reaction, I can feel myself ready to throw up."Oh my gosh, congrats. " Kayli squeals & comes running over with a hug."Oh my goodness gracious! & Log & I are headed to Salt Lake early tomorrow morning! I put on a cream graphic tee, some jean shorts & a pair of white converse. I have this special bond with him, like he's my own brother.

You guys would have beautiful babies.""No, no, Mrs. We went on our first date so to say & we've kissed twice." I say, the words rolling into each other. We are babysitting tonight which I think we are doing games & a movie night. " I put down the vlog camera & head towards my closet. I sit down in the hang-out room to chill for a short while. You are the only one I've told."He must trust me a lot. Me & Gav instantly connected & we've always been close. " We do our signature move & he begins to tell me."Ihaveagirlfriendandhernameis Nicoleandsheisreallyprettyandshesmyagewearegoingonadateithinkreallysoon." He tells me speed talking, letting all his anxiety out.

Our proven model gives event professionals full access to all keynote and celebrity speakers while allowing them to build a long-term partnership with their trusted booking agent.

For over 15 years, All American Speakers has purposefully refrained from providing exclusive representation to celebrity speakers.

Once we get there, we head straight to Gavin's small area upstairs where he shoots most videos. " He says tapping his fingers on his forehead on the left side twice with his right hand & then pointing two fingers upwards on the right side."Bee out! " We say in unison, waving with both hands at the camera! ""Well, it's because even though Claire actually isn't my sister & I didn't meet until like 15 months ago, She always felt like an older sister to me & we thought it would be appropriate to film this! ""Usually Claire, because it takes her like 20 minutes just to pick an outfit. The next question says what is one thing that annoys you about each other?

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It's Gav here & I'm with Bee Tard otherwise known as Claire Maria, my favourite teenager there is! If you ever want to be involved in videos, my links are in my pants! My name is George," I say welcoming everyone to my new video! ""And I call Claire, Claire Bees, Claire Maria, Bee, Sis or Maria Bee which is my favourite.""Next Question, what do you have in common? He just answers with come to my room, even if I was in Salt Lake that would be his answer.""I just hate texting, that's why you always end up calling me which I'll talk to you for like 7 hours on. ""Well, Claire's dream job is what she is in University for now and it is to be a math teacher in middle school or high school. Question 14 asks are you competitive with each other? We are competitive in a sense of when we play games or sports together. Like I can play football & she can cheer is an example of talent in unique ways! Maria is always so fun & when I'm down I can always count on a good time with her. ""And you should subscribe to Maria Bee here because she is the best & I love her so much, as well as comment on this video! I stay at the studio and very soon after Avia & Emmi showed up to film. Today's gonna be a great day, I say to myself as I get up from bed. I start getting ready as I have 3 easy shoots today. Soon, Jaymi is there, slowly crawling towards me."Bee! She's only 8 months old, but she's a little sweetheart. She's such a hard worker & is a perfectionist when it comes to these videos. I get to the studio & I see Jackson & Carlie getting every thing ready.

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