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After striking out with the usual suspects around Athens, Georgia, the three friends made an eleventh-hour call to a high-school band mate of the guitar player living in Atlanta, thinking he might still have his kit handy.A few days later, Todd Nance rolled up to the house at 320 King Avenue shared by John Bell, Michael Houser and David Schools in an old, beat-up white Maverick, his drums crammed into the back.

(Note: The comments that follow are based on notes obtained from the Calhoun County Public Library. Martha Hall, of Sand Ridge, WV, noted that the Calhoun County Courthouse records show Martha Beall as the name of the mother of Thomas Beall, a son of John M. However, Barbara is the name of the mother of John M. Thomas Cunningham, born Dublin, Ireland, 1748, married Phoebe Tucker, born 1761. Beall and Barbara Collins Beall were the parents of Mary Beall who married James W. The phrase 'bell, book and candle' is the final line of an incantation denoting excommunication from the Catholic church.In the excommunication ceremony officials close the book, quench the candle and toll a bell, as for someone who had died.Nothing gold can stay, and no band understands that lesson better than Widespread Panic, but with Herring now in his seventh year in the fold and the band fresh off an ten-month hiatus and ready to roll, there’s a palpable sense of renewed purpose and commitment and a rejuvenated enthusiasm within the band.

That vibe – the feeling that anything can and may happen – is back with Widespread Panic.

After a night of rehearsing, the new quartet hopped onstage together for the first time the next day at the old Mad Hatter Ballroom to play a short set that opened with the Buffalo Springfield classic “For What It’s Worth.” Widespread Panic was born.