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If the target Namespace of a schema specified using this method matches the target Namespace of a schema occurring in the instance document in schema Location attribute, or if the target Namespace matches the namespace attribute of The XML Schema Recommendation explicitly states that the inclusion of schema Location/ no Namespace Schema Location attributes in the instance document is only a hint; it does not mandate that these attributes must be used to locate schemas.

This property allows the user to specify the no target namespace XML Schema Location externally.

Users can use the predefined constants defined in XMLUni directly (fg WFXMLScanner, fg DGXMLScanner, fg SGXMLScanner, or fg IGXMLScanner) or a string that matches the value of one of those constants.

Certain valid XML and XML Schema constructs can force a processor to consume more system resources than an application may wish.

Note that, when instantiated, default values for limits that should be appropriate in most settings are provided.

The default implementation is not thread-safe; if thread-safety is required, the application should extend this class, overriding methods appropriately.

Similar situation happens to element in schema documents.

This property allows the user to specify a list of schemas to use.

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The Content Handler and Error Handler instances required by the SAX2 API are provided using the Default Handler class supplied with Xerces-C .Setting this true does not mean the validation error will be printed with the word "Fatal Error".It is still printed as "Error", but the parser will exit if is set to false.If this feature is set to true, the document must specify a grammar.

If this feature is set to false and document specifies a grammar, that grammar might be parsed but no validation of the document contents will be performed.Enable full schema constraint checking, including checking which may be time-consuming or memory intensive.