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07-Aug-2020 11:51

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lol I kinda feel bad for Taeng Sic shippers, their moments now mostly consist of the duo happening to stand near each other in photoshoots or events :\Became a fan this year, so I got to see the more recent shows of them first. When I ended up watching their old variety shows, there were more contact between them. I went 'wtf' when I saw that because I didn't know of Taeng Sic at the time. There must have been a big falling out if they don't even look at each other.It seems Sica doesn't interact with her other members that much either, besides Yuri, Yoona, and Tiffany.

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The Chinese woman and Jessica are not the same but they're on a similar route8.I've had friends I've known for years become essentially my 'enemy' because of something so trivial and then a few months later we forgive each other and become closer for it.Due to the fact SNSD are not just 'friends' but also in a business relationship as idols, this sort of 'strain' can be much more frequent towards all members, as members like Sooyoung may want more lines in a song whilst Taeyeon may disagree.It just makes the other relationships seem more genuine.

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With the recent explosion of the girls' social networking presence, it just makes the lack of Taengsic painfully obvious :/I find this whole 'tension' between Taeyeon and Jessica fairly stupid.That doesn't take away from the fact I still like my other friends and enjoy the time I spend with them.

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