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03-Jan-2020 04:21

About a third of Cuenca’s population work in the informal sector, where even the basic salary of 4 per month is not guaranteed.Though there are no official statistics keeping tab on how many Americans have relocated there, municipal officials estimate as many as 10,000 since the 2008 crisis.“The whole city is changing, and we have to change, too,” he said. I am used to this work.” Vendors’ livelihoods have been affected by the growth of middle-class malls and the decline of lower-income workers in El Centro as it becomes a leisure space for global middle classes.Another clothing vendor, Dolores, was fighting for her right to work and to remain in place.

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Jorge is a clothing vendor who worked 29 years at Plaza San Francisco, located in the heart of Cuenca’s historic center.

International “lifestyle marketers,” such as International Living, with ties to real estate investors and developers in select destinations, often promote these communities online.