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08-May-2020 22:19

Playing a lesbian role is nothing much stress for a talented actress like Lauren German.However, there will be consequences afterward like being labeled as a real-life lesbian.The news about actress Lauren German dating someone has become the headlines for several of times and has considerably gained wide attention and curiosity.The news about a young beautiful and charming American actress, best known for her roles on the hit TV series, 7th Is it true that Lauren is really dating someone? along with these, there arise many other questions regarding her personal life.She then proceeded to join The University of Southern California where she later graduated in Anthropology.

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There are rumours of her secretly dating a man who is not a celebrity, but that remains just that – rumours. That aside, there are some speculations from many of her fans that Holmes’s ex-girlfriend is a lesbian.

Unfortunately, the relationship was on the rocks for quite some time.

Eventually, things went south leading to their separation which is said to have been quite ugly.

Meet Lauren German, one of the most famous personalities in America.

Lauren German is a celebrity whose name has been greatly acclaimed in the movie industry.

When questioned about these allegations, this is what the actress had to say, “I’ve played a few lesbians, and I have gay and lesbian friends, and I don’t think it’s any different.

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