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27-Mar-2020 07:25

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The Getty example above was likely cut at an early date from a larger sheet; we don’t know when.

From the weight of the ink, we can see how the parallel lines that give shadow to the crazy hair were begun at the bottom and traveled upwards, tapering at the ends.

And mancino…Italian slang for “lefty.” While the historical biases and slurs against left-handers—sinister, gauche, and so on—run through my mind, I confess that what I first think of when it comes to left-handedness is Ned Flanders’s Leftorium on The Simpsons.

Leonardo was one of the greatest draftsmen in history, and his handedness left a little-known trace in his drawings: the slope of his lines.

This drawing in the British Museum includes copies of three of Leonardo’s sketches and quite effectively renders his technique, with long strokes and repeated hook returns.

With careful observation, however, the left-handedness is almost always apparent.

When I am playing with a left-handed player I will suggest he or she start on the even (right) side of the court, and we might discuss stacking.

If they prefer to stack or want to learn how to stack, that’s fine.

Often when we travel to a new club it feels like we are pickleball speed dating. Pickleball speed dating is fun, but can also be challenging.

You get in line and play with someone you have never met. We want to make the most of our short time together, have fun and be comfortable.It doesn’t take very long to cover these things on your way to the court or once you have arrived at the baseline. By relieving uncertainty you will reduce everyone’s stress level, enabling you to focus and play better. You can even be comfortable when you are pickleball speed dating.

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