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14-May-2020 17:31

linq to sql view not updating-22

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MSDN talks about how to handle NULL fields and provide them with a default value, but I basically need to just overwrite whatever is in Last Updated and Last Updated By with the current system datetime and the current user.

I handle the creation time and last updated time in a partial class.I know it defines a datatype, but not what it is doing. That is basically saying (to use ADO in MS Access as an example) take the recordset object and look inside of it, now find the Last Updated field and set it equal to some (in this case the current date time). (Obviously I don't know WTF I'm doing, but I AM trying to learn...) You mean after the record is initially handled by LINQ go back and update those values seperately?Is it just instantiating auditcriteria since I used Dim to create variable space for it in the line above? I managed to get it working (as posted above) though I am having issues with my master/detail.I turned off Append Bound Item and it DOES work for updates and inserts now. Oh well, I suppose this is why I put labels next to the controls and tell the users to pick a value.

I haven't researched this yet, but I may as well ask: I don't want to ever actually DELETE a record, I just want to mark it as inactive.

I am no LINQ expert, but I cannot imagine it is updating the data more than once (just committing changes when you call . So while you may be updating the object model representation of the data in two diffferent places, the updates get coalesced when you call Submit Changes().