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Some people have a lower tolerance for noise, and what you define as noisy neighbors may not really constitute nuisance behavior.

Carefully read specific apartment, HOA rules or city ordinances to see if your neighbor’s noise is actually violating rules.

With your letter to noisy neighbors, include copies of city ordinances on noise, HOA rules, or apartment complex rules.

Politely ask the neighbor to comply with these ordinances and do state that you will need to report continued violations to complex management, HOA or local police if necessary.

How about we shove all these noisy people in one area and they can annoy each other? Recently, new neighbors moved in above me and it's a living hell!

I live in a unit with 3 tiers,the neighbors above me have a little girl who runs around all night until 12 a.m. The landlord says I can't prove the noise and the people upstairs say I'm crazy and they don't make noise and I'm stuck. They have parties on weekdays and throw away cigarettes from their balcony down the stairs.

Often, however, the problem is resolved when the noisy neighbors know you are going to call the police.

Start with landlords or HOAs and continue with calls to the police department, when absolutely necessary.You can also add that you realize they hear your noise also, and you’re certainly willing to try to stop anything in your behavior that is creating extra noise in their home.You should be aware that not all neighbors are going to respond to your request, and some may respond in a hostile manner.Now don't get me wrong, I'm young and enjoy fun too, but I also have respect for others, so why can't these people?

Some people just have no consideration for anyone other than themselves.

Also, it is wise not to respond to noise in an angry or retaliatory fashion.