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23-Nov-2019 23:17

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Learn about what is healthy dating, what are healthy relationships, what would that look like, what kind of behavior should you be exhibiting to show others that you have value and how do you recognize if others have the value you’re looking for? When you do put yourself out there again you want to practice showing your standards, setting boundaries, listening to your intuition, not being afraid to say no when it doesn’t feel right because you’re not willing to compromise your well-being or your self-worth again for anything.Until your standards are clear and you’re strong enough to enforce them then you’re not ready to date or make new friends.When they start to test you to see how much you’re willing to put up with, people sense your willingness to accept a lack of respect, even if it’s at an unconscious level, and then you’re perceived as not worthy.Number two, you’re going to be tempted to drop your standards in order to have company so you can avoid your fear of loneliness.You might think you’re hiding that but you’re probably revealing red flags of desperation to fill the loneliness.Now I don’t mean red flags of narcissism, I mean red flags of desperation to fill the loneliness like maybe you’re acting needy or maybe you’re just too quick to get involved with someone and accept their disrespectful behavior.You end up feeling really alone and you want to meet new people in your life.

You realize just how many toxic people were in your life, maybe even family members.And the common mistake is that people get back out into dating too soon.They might do this because they want to forget their ex or they’re feeling really lonely and it is so important not to date when you’re feeling lonely.It was a wound that was programmed into you and it’s not your fault but you are the only one who can change it. You can only conquer the fear of loneliness by facing it with courage, the courage to be alone and be okay with that. You can simply settle for less than what you’re worth in this non-passionate, non-exciting, not really worthy relationship.

Courage is when you’re scared shitless but your heart says do it anyways. You can feel even more alone around others than when you’re actually alone.These are my recommendations, let me know in the comments if you’ve put yourself back out there again how that’s going, what you’re learning, how you’re setting new standards, and what you’re learning about yourself in these interactions with others.