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He was never mentioned again, but lives on forever in my memory.played Emily Chambers, who fell in love with Keith Scott in season two and promptly stood him up at the altar.Which brings me to this: Real Derek is played by Ernest Waddell, who rose to fame later on Elisabeth Harnois once played Shelley, a Tree Hill High student in season four who founded Clean Teens, a group for committed high-school virgins.Sadly, this all went to hell when Shelley fell for Mouth Mc Fadden and promptly had sex with him in an upstairs bedroom at a house party (as high schoolers are apt to do).This ill-thought-out cameo is now in the history books as one of music's worst-ever TV cameos, per Billboard.Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy plays Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, who meets Peyton at a show and then magically appears weeks later at a getaway in the woods, where Pete and Peyton kiss with palpable awkwardness.Lachey plays himself, by which I mean a former member of 98 Degrees looking to resurrect his career, and finds himeslf used as a pawn by Brooke Davis to make Julian jealous.

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Peyton discovers Ellie had a son, her half-brother Derek.In fact, even though most celebrities have nannies and cleaners and all the help in the world, most rely on their family members (especially their own moms) to help out when times get tight.