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He worked as an intern here and has received church vocational scholarship aid. The five Bible lectures of Fred Craddock to the General Assembly in October will be used in tape and manuscript for five sessions of Celebra- tion Worship beginning January 13.

Perhaps our gasoline shortage means that we find the significant of life where we are instead of making the long trips* Our morning worships this Sunday are utilizing a unique situation among us. is home from Brite Theological Seminary of Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. M Q Church School (see schedule elsewhere for some room changes) A. Divine Worship Sermon: "His Baptism As Reve- lation" Isaish 42:1-7; Acts -43, Matthew -17 Dr.

He is a second year student in Seminary, Doyle Hardy, our Student Associate Pastor, is being undergirded by us in his further preparation for ministry as a full-time student at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis* These two are going to share with us from the perspective of their seminary experiences as to what this means for the future of the church. Cline is going to complete the triad sharing in the sermon by raising questions and seeking to clarify implications. B M S , we are one of several community hosts for the feature movie, FOR 'PETE'S SAKE! 4 e Plans are moving for our new Church School semester beginning March 3 which includes the formation of a new adult class for Young Couples e Doyle Hardy is giving this major preparatory attention.

Currently, he is serving as an Associate Pastor at Boulevard Chri- stian Church in Fort Worth. M., 25 youth from the South Side Christian Church in Kokomo will be presenting an original production for us and youth of our community. These are on the theme, "Called to Be One in the Lord" based on I Corinthians 12:1-14. An Ecumenical Lenten Program joining our church with First Baptist, Lincolnshire Church of the Brethren, and South Wayne Baptist will have a preparatory leadership retreat on February 1 and 2 in our building led by John and Ad Carr Then program options will be available at varying times and in the varying buildings from February 24 to March 28.

One of the pianists is Ed Scott who finished a Master's in Organ this past June. Betty Grimm is finding it difficult to keep our pantry supplied in the face of the load which we are carrying in this ministry. Because time had elapsed since her death, I called her lawyer last week.

CLINE, EDITOR SECOND CLASS POSTAGE PAID Ft Wayne, Ind. The youth are accompanied by three guitars, two pianos, and drums. A1 1 lien 9 Ro Cole, Deaconess Ogles, Rosemary Krull and Marge Lehman Ushers A. We need to be bringing some food staples regularly, Mrs. I look forward to seeing all out again on one of these Sundays which will be dry underfoot , at least, where snow has been removed and sun and heat have dried the pavement and walks. One of our good widows who recently died had told me repeatedly of her inclusion of our church in her will.


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" Matthew 20:1-16 February 17 - Doyle Hardy preach- ing SERVING JANUARY 20 Elders A. Our ability to continue this is enhanced by Memorial Gifts as well as will bequests.

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