Matters of life and dating 2016

09-Jul-2020 10:33

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Hospice UK is delighted to announce that it has appointed Sarah West as its new Director of Campaigns and Communications who will begin her new role at the national hospice and palliative care charity at the end of June.

People across Dudley will be encouraged to tackle one of life’s great taboos during the borough’s biggest ever week of events and activities aimed at starting conversations about death and dying.

I realize that I live in a bubble — likely exacerbated by the fact that I’m part of the one-third of Asians who married outside my race — but still, I find the number of women willing to explicitly state a same-race preference remarkably high.

Turning to the question of racial preferences and political ideology, the plot also shows that conservatives, especially women, are substantially more likely than liberals to state a preference for a partner of their own race.

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Daniel Reeves is a co-founder of Beeminder and Sharad Goel is a Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research - New York City.[3] In case it’s not clear, I’m joking about the “racist” part.