Mens guide to women and dating my crush is dating someone else

29-Jun-2020 04:53

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The Gold Digger: There are variations of the Gold Digger.

Gold Diggers, in a nutshell are women who are still living in the 19th and 20th centuries.

She pretends to entertain the assholes, in order not to hurt their ego. ” “Thanks, but no thanks,” she respectfully keeps it moving. In moments of desperation or lapses of judgement, she can be found courting the lame, waiting for the ideal.

(I say Fu** it, hurt their ego; they need a reality check). Hey, “Sex is sex, and I ain’t marrying him.” I guess.

Assertive and confident, most women go weak in the knees for him. Do not love him for his power, his money, or for what he can do for you.

Black and successful, he’s a hot commodity and he exploits it. All his life, he has learned that love is conditional and that it is a transaction, that he must be provide in order to get something in return.

Encourage her to get a job, or a real job.(After all, a part time job for some chump change is for her to pretend to not be too dependent).

Help her until she reaches a point where she can hold her own.

(Get yourself a dog for emotional safety measures).They may call themselves “old fashioned” or “traditional.” But let’s not get it twisted, if a man’s pockets is not on point, no matter how great his personality is, they do not have the patience or sense to hear that is he is a broke medical school student.