Menstruation chat adult

20-Apr-2020 19:31

The average age for girls to get their period is 12.5 years old, but it can vary anywhere from 8-15 years of age.Girls typically get their periods within 6-12 months of the age when their mothers got theirs.Keep in mind that when your daughter first starts getting her period, she may not get one every month.Let her know that this can be normal, and that her menstrual cycle may take a few months to regulate.Tell her that periods are a sign her body is working properly and growing from a girl’s body into a woman’s body. If the egg does not become fertilized — at this point, you can chose whether to elaborate further on how that happens — then the egg and uterine lining are shed out through the vagina in the form of blood.

However, your period may start earlier or later — everyone develops at their own pace.

Essentially, a period is when blood and tissue leave the body from the vagina every month.