Mobile me contacts not updating

16-Oct-2020 00:15

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The change log in the notes field displays the changed data, should it try to update the contact with old information. The key is the same for all versions of Outlook that support the Social Connector. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Social Connector DWORD: Run Automatic GALSync Possible Values: 0 (Never Sync) 1 (Update without Prompt) 2 (Prompt to sync) Default setting is Update without Prompting.

Outlook Social Connector in the Group Policy editor.

Refer to the documentation for a description of the built-in generic normalization rules.

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Outlook updated my contacts (in my contacts folder) with information from the Global Address Book. A change log is added to notes so you know what was changed. To change the setting in Outlook 2010 and up (if the Social Connector is enabled), go to the View ribbon, People Pane, Account Settings, Settings button and change the update option from Update without prompting to Prompt before update or Never update. Here’s what you get: Instead of seeing the relevant phone numbers from Lync like here (sort of…) You’re getting a card that has no phone info what so ever: As you can see, ‘test’ Springsteen here, has no phone info in his contact card. How can we resolve this issue, even without implenenting Lync Enterprise Voice? The contact card in Lync shows you everything you entered in Active Directory, except for phone numbers. This can be quite frustrating, especially if you’re not yet connected with enterprise voive and clients want to pull all the relevant information from Lync during an IM session, including the other side’s phone numbers.I have deleted the phone from the car history and I have deleted the car from the phone Bluetooth and I also clicked on ( Forget device ) and I have reset it all the networks.

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I also changed the name of the phone and I readded the phone back And I paired it again to Bluetooth, the contacts showed with both name and number same way I have it saved in my i Phone, but after a few minutes the names disappear and I only see the numbers when someone called me and my phone book doesn’t sync anymore ...Note: the social Connector is deprecated and may be removed from a future version. In Outlook 2003 or 2007, the Account Settings dialog is accessed from Tools, Social Networking Account settings.