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All goods shall be weighed and examined before they are sent on board; and to avoid all detention of vessels, no examination shall afterwards be made, unless it shall first be proved that contraband goods have been sent on board; in which case, the persons who took the contraband goods on board, shall be punished according to the usage and custom of the country, and no other person whatever shall be injured, nor shall the ship or cargo incur any penalty or damage whatever.No vessel shall be detained in port on any presence whatever, nor be obliged to take on board any article without the consent of the Commander, who shall be at full liberty to agree for the freight of any goods he takes on board.Not only do we have Inter Nations Communities in a number of Moroccan cities, Inter Nations has members the world over! Whether you are moving to another country or going on a business trip somewhere — our communities around the world are there to make you feel at home wherever you are.Feel free to check out our vibrant Inter Nations Communities in countries like France or China.Merchants of both countries shall employ only such interpreters, and such other persons to assist them in their business, as they shall think proper.No commander of a vessel shall transport his cargo on board another vessel: he shall not be detained in port longer than he may think proper; and all persons employed in loading or unloading or in any other labor whatever, shall be paid at the customary rates, not more and not less.A document including a copy of the treaty in Arabic and an English translation, followed by a clause of conclusion under the seal of the United States consulate at Tangier, was signed by James R. Leib on October 1, 1836, is printed the English translation, with the clause of conclusion reserving the treaty for the ratification of the President by and with the advice and consent of the Senate. This is the copy of the Treaty of peace which we have made with the Americans; and written in this book; affixing thereto our blessed Seal, that, with the help of God, it may remain firm for ever. If either of the parties shall be at war with any nation whatever, the other shall not take a commission from the enemy, nor fight under their colors.Leib, consul and agent of the United States, on October 1, 1836. (Message of December 20, 1836.) Resolution of advice and consent January 17, 1837. [Translation] In the name of God, the merciful and Clement! Written at Meccanez, the City of Olives, on the 30 day of the month Jumad el lahhar, in the year of the Hegira 1252. If either of the parties shall be at war with any nation whatever, and take a prize belonging to that nation, and there shall be found on board subjects or effects belonging to either of the parties, the subjects shall be set at Liberty, and the effects returned to the owners.

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1836.) We declare that both Parties have agreed that this Treaty, consisting of Twenty five Articles, shall be inserted in this Book, and delivered to James R.

And it is further declared, that whatever indulgence, in trade or otherwise, shall be granted to any of the Christian powers, the citizens of the United States shall be equally entitled to them.

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