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Laurent already has everything that his heart desires. It starts, embarrassingly enough, with an ad from Craigslist: "I’m a 21 y.o art student (male), writing a thesis on the relationship between performance and the awareness of the audience. I’m an actor offering to give you the most dramatic night of your life. You definitely don't have to read them in order, if anything the canon of each negates the canon of the others. Her name was Ophelia Frump.” Where Jason has blood family after all, but they're a little, well...weird.

I’ll be your date to any event/function/family gathering, and convince your friends/family members that I’m either: the biggest mistake of your life or the best thing that ever happened to you. I’m very good at what I do." The Batfamily shares information on a strictly 'need-to-know' basis. "I mean, your first mother wasn’t...fuck, how do I say this?

At least then he would have something to do, even if those activities consisted of never-ending scheming, maneuvering, and careful planning.“You could have stopped this, you know? “I may not have ever been a slave,” he said against the skin of Laurent’s cheek, “but that does not mean that you do not still deserve your First Night.” He felt the breath catch in Laurent’s chest as he spoke, felt himself smile at the response.

” Auguste said in a low voice, leaning against the large window. Or: Laurent is finally crowned King of Vere, Damen and Laurent get married, and they finally get some goddamn happiness What if Damen had been a little more unruly?

What if Laurent had been just a little more vicious?

And what if, when all is said and done, their relationship never quite shook the power dynamics with which it had started?

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The minutes are recorded in the office of the Chancery Clerk, which is located on the 1st floor of the De Soto County Courthouse at 2535 Highway 51 S in Hernando.

“Don’t read it,” Damen says, urgently, and he tries to pull Laurent back. ;) These fics all have about 2 things in common (aside from subject matter I guess).

In Akielon and, oddly, Veretian, the wall of the cave says: What does your heart desire? They were all inspired by Kaciart's drawings, and I gave them all these awful names to bewilder and confound readers.

This is a series of speculative alternatives to various scenes in Captive Prince.

Basically I wanted to add more whump and more power dynamics to the story, so this is intended as "what if" scenarios within the canon of the novels themselves.

“I do hate bad investments.”Damen has been captured from his home and taken to the one place where it's more dangerous to be a Prince than it is a slave. One obedient slave and one humble servant are taken by surprise by the reveal.