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Over the years, our brewpub has featured over 100 different types of beers, ranging from traditional reds and stouts to more outlandish and experimental brews such as bacon-flavored brews and chai tea infused ales. This robust, hearty stout is as sturdy as its namesake.North Country Brewing Company has always thrived on the belief of “community before self.” Our annual Brewfests have raised over ,000 for Slippery Rock Development, which have helped maintain Slippery Rock’s appearance and upkeep. Roasted barley is the trademark of stout, a bittersweet separation from its cousin Porter.A sweet stout brewed with lactose and pumpkin spices then aged on coffee.Severed from the southern half of the peninsula more than six decades ago, North Korea has evolved into a strange Stalinist state.His official title is Chairman of the National Defense Commission.The President of the Supreme People's Assembly Presidium is Kim Yong Nam.

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When Jodi and Bob opened the doors to North Country Brewing Company in 2005, they couldn’t have expected the support and demand for good craft beer that Slippery Rock had. Brewed in this same English tradition, we dry-hopped our ale, giving the beer a very aromatic quality as it travels to your mug.The judicial branch consists of a Central Court, as well as provincial, county, city and military courts. Over the past several decades, the government of North Korea has attempted to purge borrowed vocabulary from the lexicon.Meanwhile, South Koreans have adopted words such as "PC" for personal computer, "handufone" for mobile phone, etc.The 687-seat Supreme People's Assembly is the legislative branch.

All members belong to the Korean Workers' Party.The band formed in 2008 and comprise lead singer Yashiv Cohen, drummer/producer Boaz Wolf, guitarist Doron Farhi, bassist Jonathan Ydov and a three-piece brass section comprising Ido Kretchmer (trombone) and siblings Sefi Sizzling (trumpet) and Ongy Sizzling (saxophone).

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