Omega serial dating movement

25-Sep-2019 00:43

Of course, you will see the occasional put-together Speedmaster, but we’ve also noticed that official dealers or watchmakers have exchanged some parts during the years as a part of a repair or service.

Although this does influence the value a bit of a vintage Speedmaster, we also have to say that it isn’t always clear what has been replaced and what’s original. The Omega Speedmaster Pro ‘Transitional’ is a good example of that, where old and new parts were mixed during a period where two models co-existed.

One common misunderstanding we often see has to do with the reference/case number.

Omega used references like 105.003, 145.012 and 145.022.

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Omega has an extract of the archives service that is able to indicate whether the movement was indeed delivered in a certain case reference, in what year and to which country.We also informed you about the Moonwatch Only book a while ago, which is up till date the best reference on the subject in print.It will give you a lot of detailed information on most reference numbers, from the very first CK2915-1 till modern / current Speedmaster watches.So, we are happy to answer these e-mails but also thought about putting some generic articles on-line that makes both your and our lives a bit easier.

You can ready part 1 about the different Speedmaster models and part 2 about sourcing them.However, in our opinion, a watch produced after 2000 should always come with box and papers.

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