Omish online dating

27-Mar-2020 15:21

In other words: these Amish broads are buck wild, cray-cray, out of pocket, bonkers, off the heezy fosheezy!

In fact, one of them grew up to become a lingerie model!

cell phones, TVs, computers, etc.), including electricity.

This Amish girl has obviously had a hard day's work on the farm and elects to unwind with this sweet concoction. Amish people are not suppose to be in bars sipping on Cosmos. She's an Amish girl turned model, designer, humanitarian and TV personality now based in New York City; she's also known as the star of the reality show .

You can see it in her eyes that she's had a pretty rough day— "Lawd, milking those cows done wore a sista out." Having a drink after a tough day is satisfactory; cool, nothing wrong with that ... We know — the hottest Amish woman to ever grace a bonnet!

Most of us, when we think of an Amish girl, we envision the women/girls in the calf-length dresses covered with black or white aprons; with starch-stiffened, white prayer caps covering their braid or bun (with the strings tied under the chin! The adherence to this dress code is intended to keep the heart and body pure.

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The Amish dress code aims to keep the hair and style of girls and women modest.

Simply put—when you want something, there's nothing to it but to do it. Here's an Amish girl on a dating website, putting it all out there for the fellas to see.