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​Some schools require you to send separate information directly to them, for example, faith schools may ask for information about your allegiance to a religion.

If you have included one or more of these schools among your preferences, you must get the form directly from the school or download it from our website: Check which schools require supplementary information forms.

​In 2019 approximately 93% of applicants for primary school places were allocated their first preference, and a further 5% were allocated either their second or third preference.

However, this figure does not include late applications.

If it is not possible to offer a place at that school, your child will be allocated a place at the end of the process at the nearest school to your home address with places remaining at that point.

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Your child would still be ranked according to where they fell in the oversubscription criteria for that school.

When this happens, places are allocated according to the school’s oversubscription admission criteria.