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23-Sep-2019 16:24

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The FBI says that most of these scams are centered in Nigeria and Ghana, but who knows where my scammer is?

It could be a franchise — boiler rooms full of people in Russia, or the Philippines, or that guy at home in New Jersey — with a package of pics and profile information and romancing scripts ready to go.

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I want to inform you that he is using your picture as his profile picture at the online dating website…. With the help of the Minnesota attorney general’s office, this gentlemen and I got those profiles taken down.

I’ve been chatting a lot with this man, Because I was flattered about what he wrote me.

He told me I was looking like an angel and at the beginning I was a little bit scared about what was happening but after one week of chats I was believing that he (or you) was speaking the truth. Normally I’m not that stupid but because of all the pictures I’ve received during the last weeks it felt like a dream (but too good to be true….)… The scammers go to great lengths to sell their fake identities.

Eventually, as the relationships deepen, the scammers speak of an urgent, short-term need for cash — for a medical emergency, an expensive divorce, or a business opportunity that would allow the already-rich man to get even richer and allow the couple to be together in paradise for the rest of their lives.

Most of the women who contacted me said they had not given the scammers any money, but some said they had — sometimes, they admitted, thousands of dollars.He wanted to come to my country and invited me to come to New York where you live (but now I understand you don’t? I am a woman living with my son of 6 years, so I think he’s looking for that kind of vulnerable women, as you understand. Because of the pictures I really liked to meet you but now I have to wake up… Sometimes they set up parallel profiles or even entire websites to back up their claims. When I posted a screenshot of his phony company website on my Facebook page, Tim removed my picture from the site within ten minutes.