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20-Feb-2020 22:11

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I was now the aging diva, being replaced by younger ingénues. Some claim that the résumés placed on their desks, you’d have no trouble believing that report.) Others choose to blame the situation on a Catch-22 inherent to a girl’s desirability: Send her to a good seminary in Israel for a year or two after high school, but by the time she gets back she’s aged out of the 18/19-year-old bracket that 22-year-old boys are looking for.

I guess I should be thankful that the Orthodox Jewish community is aware. Because from my position, the larger sin is its lack of space for single women.

We help marriage mined Jewish singles to find each other.

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I expected to have a home and a family in an Orthodox Jewish community — in New York, Chicago, or even Israel, where I spent some time growing up.However, this path will be successful if you put your efforts. Jewish team would be happy to help you and answer questions you may have.Are you not finding someone special who meets your standards? We trust in the importance of Jewish family values.This teacher and I have a tense history, which we’ve both chosen to overlook now that I’m no longer her student.

Yet this was the most genuine thing she’d ever said to me. I’m certainly not alone in my “situation.” In the community in which I grew up, I’m part of what’s known as the “ Crisis.” These days the term “crisis” brings to mind mass shootings and devastating hurricanes, which is why it’s funny that it’s also the preferred term in certain circles for women who aren’t busy making babies.Equality in singlehood isn’t an issue with which I expected to take umbrage.

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