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A word about therapy: I’ve worked extensively with therapists and psychiatrists in my business, but I would suggest choosing your therapist very carefully and finding one that’s truly right for you.

And if you’ve been seeing the same therapist for years and don’t feel like you’ve made much progress, perhaps it’s time to move on.

And once you’ve attained internal happiness, you’ll be ready for a mature, solid relationship. Hell, women, children, dogs, cats—everyone loves, and wants to be with, a happy woman.

Jenna is a perfect example of a woman mired in bitterness.

Get ready -- I'm about to show you how to make all your relationship dreams come During this time you wrap yourself in a delicious, warm and cuddly cocoon to metamorphose into the sexy, irresistible femme fatale that’s buried deep inside you. Just step back and take time to figure out what exactly it is that you’re looking for and what makes YOU happy.