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First -- it's "labeled/categorized"as a 'drama' i.e. That is one big glaring mistake: It is not a narrative film. (this video is an insult to the genre, "documentary")This is just an arrogant, self-righteous, one-sided, conceited, ignorant, self-indulgent commentary on the STEREO-TYPE of an "angry black woman" -- condescending African-American women who carry this self-inflicting, self-destructive disease known as, "Angry Black Woman Syndrome". As it was barely mentioned in the movie, maybe these issues aren't just "black women issues" but rather "Men and Women" issues as a whole.

The majority of the men in this video, including our Lord-Almighty, director/savior, Mr. For the Tim Alexander, I know that's a bit too much to swallow, cause after all, he's actually the racist for not seeing the larger picture and realizing it's not a color/race issue, but rather just the standard gender/relationship issues that every one deals with. Then he might actually know what he's talking about instead of just watching Tyler Perry movies. Gotta have your name down on everything because you're so insecure with your abilities?

From his wife whom he divorces, to the women he tries to date after her - nothing but Drama Drama Drama! Why would you cast an African male with such a thick accent (who clearly hasn't grown up in the "American" culture) to be your lead protagonist/victim and mascot for all suffering African-American males? The female lead/wife who plays the supposed "angry black woman" really has no motive for being angry, other than just your weak script that says she's angry.

He even tries dating outside of his race bringing up a whole new set of issues for him to deal with. Tim Alexander started his career as a fashion photographer with no real experience as a filmmaker. But I love how we're so blessed to see our very own Tim Alexander give talks in coffee shops and parks like he's some expert on gender/race relationships. Look around -- they live in a pretty upper-middle class lifestyle. It's not like the husband is a dead beat, or unemployed, or having an affair, or neglecting their child...

Tim Alexander merely come off as being completely ignorant, selfish, chauvinistic, and simple minded. It's actually a shame that film-making tools are so accessible to anyone because it can't stop fools like Tim Alexander who has to take credit for every-single job on the film -- director, cinematographer, editor, writer, original music, make-up --- I mean, come on...

He and his posse of "men" criticize all the women around them, surrounding them in their small, unimportant lives as being the cause of all their pain and torment. And he edits most of the women to either look foolish or support his opinion --- wake up folks, it's called "EDITING".

The documentary portion of the film follows Tim Alexander as he goes around getting feedback, opinions and commentary from real-life African-American men and women in various cities across the United States about the challenges they deal with in their marriages and dating relationships.

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James has been struggling to keep his marriage with his wife sane, as his wife suffers from outbursts and antagonistic anger. Tim Alexander while he goes throughout trying to get feedback, commentary, and opinions from real life African American women and men in various places across the United States.

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Our records show that Lena Paul is currently Lena Paul should get braces. It ain't gonna 100% perfect like the past but it'll make em way [email protected] Um, this isn't "Class Struggle for Dummies," Mr.

-- Single parenting -- Sharing with girlfriends -- The men's point of view -- A man of honor -- The wrong way to start a day -- And now a word from James's conscience: taking responsibility for his choices -- Let's see ...

how will I test James today -- Power struggles -- A strong black woman is a woman who has weathered many storms without losing the goodness of her character -- The last supper -- Even a nice guy like James has limits ...

James is a successful black man struggling to find a healthy loving relationship.